‘Dell’ was a winner, and not just because he won ribbons

He did everything we ever asked, 4-H Level IV horse, both English and Western, state fair, many Greeley and Rockie Mountain Saddle Club show seasons, trail rides, book signings, knee surgery … Occasionally, if he wanted to go the other way, he’d just drag you there, not in a violent way. Hated hoof dressing. His favorite treat: peppermints from Sonic Drive-In. If you needed therapy after a bad day, he was your horse. At 16.3 hands, “Calypso Can-Delite” was one of the tallest registered Morgans. He never colicked a day in his life¬†until today, with a twisted intestine. Our beloved Dell was¬†23. As longtime PRS member Cindy said, “May you run free on perfect knees in greener pastures, my furry friend. We will surely miss you.”

Dell, Colorado State Fair 4-H Horse Show.
Winning Bet book signing at Jax.
Dell Molly Lake Trail, Colorado
Dell on a Molly Lake trail ride, 2011.
Dell, foggy morning, lower pasture, Poudre River Stables
Goodbye, friend …

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