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Looking for an equine, stable-related job?

We get a lot of work-wanted inquiries here at Poudre River Stables, especially from those attending college or moving to the Fort Collins, Colorado area. As a self-care horse boarding stable, we do not generally need a lot of outside help because our clients tend to help each other. Then again, self-care clients sometimes need relief too. We thought we would share the wealth of talent inquiring with us out on our social networks. If you are qualified for an equine or stable-related job, and you are in the Fort Collins area, send us your inquiry. We will look it over and reply back to you for verification. We will not publish inquiries that do not reflect well upon us or you. For everyone’s protection, please also provide your own background check from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation as part of your inquiry. Appropriate photos for publication welcome.

VS travel restrictions lifted at PRS

(How much do you know about vesicular stomatitis? Take this free quiz.)
Given the forecast for the rest of the week, the bugs will be dead and unable to spread disease. This marks an end to our V.S. special procedures at PRS, effective Saturday, Nov. 15. This will give people an opportunity to go to this weekend’s CSU show if they want.We recommend avoiding close contact with other horses. Chances are very slim, but still watch for horses with mouth or hoof sores and drooling in case they got infected at the last possible second.Also, with the cold weather, we are moving into our winter disease season. This means stay away from sniffing noses, and shared water or feed at public places. Stay away from cough-ers, snotty noses, goopy eyes. These are all good policies any time.

We are back to our normal two-week quarantine for incoming horses, and will resume accepting new horses in 10 days.

Good riddance, V.S.

This was a rough summer, disease-wise. Thank you for your support as we sacrificed to keep our horses healthy.

Cheerfully challenged, Watson in training as executive ranch dog

Watson, our blind Golden Retriever puppy, was born July 12. About the time his eyes opened, we noticed Watson was acting funny, and took him to an animal eye doctor. Watson’s eyes are OK, but the circuitry to his brain is not. Watson is blind due to hydroencephaly from an infection or virus in the womb. It turns out that sight is not a dog’s main sense, and already Watson is adapting well. We see him as a sign of hope for all of us who are less than perfect.

Dog Watson the Blind Golden Retriever

Special intake rules due to Colorado VS outbreak

Due to the ongoing Colorado vesicular stomatitis (VS) outbreak, we require a health certificate five days old or less, and you will need to get another veterinary clearance for release into our general population after your two-week quarantine, see our rates page, is over. We discourage off-property travel and prohibit short-term trailer-ins at this time. (Email us for details.) These special rules will likely remain in effect until two weeks after the last frost.