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Forever home finds new friend

Something really good happened this weekend. Our forever home found a new friend when we arrived with Stardust. She is age 12, a rescued Morgan, we think never trained to saddle ...
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Blessed in tank-heater-horse-shed fire

Late this afternoon we discovered on this windy day that this fire did not spread, but instead snuffed itself out. Many thanks to the Poudre Fire Authority for their quick ...
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Cayla Stone - mustang mares - water obstacle - pond - Poudre River Stables - Ft. Collins - Colorado - 80521

Mustangs say ‘yes’ to water obstacle

We have learned that Mustangs often say "yes". Cayla Stone's two mares, which she trained to Top 10 placings in previous Mustang Makeovers, dipped right in ...
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Flashback to 1902 equitation

Interesting form. Enjoy our Horses in History slide show. Learn about our historic farm ...
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What is the world’s horse population today?

Register and earn your first point toward the Mane-U Noteworthy in Horses badge! Registration not required to play, but is required to earn points. 1. Redbrand fencing ad, Hobby Farms ...
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Merry Christmas!

May Christmas bring you a stocking full of carrots and time to play with your horse! ...
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flowers in the snow - Poudre River Stables - Ft. Collins - CO - 80521

Good riddance, shortest day

Flowers wait silently on the shortest day. Spring is but a breath away ...
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Mule deer in side garden - Poudre River Stables - Ft. Collins, CO

What to my wondering eyes should appear – mule deer!

My theory: All the mule deer that disappeared off of Colorado's available-for-hunters count actually smartened up and moved to the 'burbs. Perhaps when the lions and bears figure out they ...
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Larimer County historic horse postcard: Where the french fries came from in 1908

... or did they even have french fries in 1908? This historic horse postcard, hand dated and postmarked, November 13, 1908, shows horses in two different jobs during a potato ...
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Farewell, Billy the Morgan, our friend

We lost Billy today at age 22. Diagnosis: Strangulated small intestine, probably due to an age-related fatty lipoma. Born here, died here. Best friend ever ...
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