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Happy Presidents Day!

George Washington, by all accounts, was quite the horseman, except for the fact that he let his own horse die of the heat at the Battle of Monmouth, 1778. This ...
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Alien invasion

... also known as the snow blower at night. Great on a night when my Craftsman walk-behind failed to start. It apparently hates snow. Thank you, Gregg! ...
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Pair of bald eagles pays us a visit

Bald eagles! This pair of bald eagles surprised us during a farrier visit Thursday. Not something you see every day, especially with all the development and road construction we've had ...
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Merry Christmas!

From all of us at Poudre River Stables, may your rides be merry! ...
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Make a good first impression

Remember, good taste never goes out of style ...
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Happy Thanksgiving!

... greetings from the dawn brigade! ...
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When to (Smart)blanket? There’s an app for that

We get a lot of questions about whether/when to blanket horses, and I always give a complicated answer. You need to account for your horse's age, coat, body score, general ...
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Extreme Mustange Makeover, Cayla Stone and Leda, Ft. Worth, TX, Sept. 14, 2017

CSU alum Cayla Stone’s excellent first go at TX Extreme Mustang Makeover

Cayla Stone and lovely "Leda" had an excellent first go at the Extreme Mustang Makeover in Ft. Worth, TX, this morning. Word on the street says the pattern class starts ...
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Enjoying Family Fun Day to Benefit Cayla Stone

Trainer Cayla Stone is headed to the Mustang Makeover next month in Texas! Her friends have banded together to help defray trip costs as Cayla takes yet another wild mustang ...
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Possible sick raccoon struggles to stay on the fence - Poudre River Stables - Fort Collins - CO 80521

Raccoons: In Sickness or in Health?

We had a strange day today at Poudre River Stables, with a raccoon spending more than an hour sitting on the lane fence headed toward the barn, and at times ...
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