Our horse-care standards and rules

We have boarded horses since 1989 and take pride in our standards of horse care at Poudre River Stables. These are specifics that people often ask about. Please visit our rates page for pricing and intake requirements.

  • Your horse needs to be turned out into one of the group dirt lots daily.
  • You bring all tanks, buckets, tools, etc. that you need.
  • Heated water buckets/tanks are required from Nov. 1 – April 1.
  • Shavings are available for the stall horses, and included in the board price. We handle manure management via our manure pile.
  • You are responsible for coordinating with your turnout pen-mates so that the turnouts are picked every two weeks, weather permitting.
  • We quarantine for two weeks before your horse mixes with the general population. A negative Coggins, a health certificate two weeks older or less, proof of vaccinations as recommended by the AAE, ¬†proof of horse safety knowledge.
  • Helmets are required for anybody under 18 years of age, strongly encouraged for all.
  • Damages will be billed at labor plus materials, and we will do the work. Existing hot wire is installed as a convenience. Breakages if the hot wire is down will still be billed. Damages to shared pens will be spread among the horses staying in the pens. Fence line board breaks between two pens will be shared by all residents of both pens.
  • You are welcome to hire somebody to do your chores, but ultimately, you are the responsible party. Anybody handling your horse needs to sign a release.
  • For new clients, and your horse’s well being, we put you on probation for 90 days and ask that you document your horse’s daily care, cleaning, water bucket, and medical maintenance in a binder that we provide.

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