The daily turnout available to Poudre River Stables horses goes a long way toward keeping them sane and safe.
The daily turnout available to Poudre River Stables horses goes a long way toward keeping them sane and safe.

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Welcome to our rates page! We offer self-care, DIY boarding for your horse on our historic farm in a friendly, relaxed environment on the scenic Poudre River trail, just three to five minutes from Old Town Fort Collins and Colorado State University.

DIY for a deeper connection

We find that clients willing to care for their own horses experience a deep relationship with their equine friends. Here, you are a member of a community and your positive attitude is beneficial to all. All disciplines are welcome.

$275 – stall (full)
$225 – shed/pens (available)
$185 – riverside pens (full)

$10 – trailer parking, clients only, must have current registration, limited spaces available

$12 – haul ins, lesson clients only

Relaxing and lots of amenities

Facilities include large outdoor, sand-based arena, John Lyons round pen, quarter-mile track, internal lanes open to riding, seasonal pasture grazing, private access to the Poudre River Bike Trail, cold-water wash rack, automatic waterers in day turnouts, space in our community tack rooms. For clients in the $225 – $275 price tiers, we offer electricity in each stall or pen, running water, mouse-proof storage for grain baggies in our feed room, a half bay in our hay barn next to the stable for your hay and tools as well as manure management via our manure pile. Shavings are included in the board price for stall horses. Heated water buckets required Nov. 1 – April 1. For a better look at the facility, see our photo album.

Your part

You clean and provide your own feed, turn your horse out/in daily. Local hay prices range from $5/bale/you pick up out of the field and stack, to $10/bale delivered in large quantities, to $16 off-season, you pick up at the feed store. Typical bales are 65 pounds. Horses eat from 1 – 3% of their body weight per day in hay. We recommend supplementing hay with a concentrate (grain mix or pellets) to ensure your horse receives a full range of nutrients.

We quarantine for two weeks before your horse mixes with the general population. Before arrival, you need to provide:

  • negative Coggins report up to one year old
  • health certificate two weeks older or less
  • proof of core vaccinations as recommended by the AAEP
  • Brand Inspection if horse is traveling to us from a destination more than 75 miles away. This is Colorado state law.
  • completed application and signed contract (30-days notice required). Paperwork available on request. Please email us including a brief description of your horse and what type of board you are looking for.
  • first month’s board
  • one month’s security deposit
  • horse safety certificate 4-H Pre-Level 1 equivalent or referral
  • accepted payment methods: Paypal, Square; no personal checks.

You are responsible for your horse’s care, but are welcome to work out exchanges with other clients.

We have been boarding horses since 1989 and take pride in our standards of horse care. Curious? Check out www.myhoofprints.com for more stories and pictures of who we are.

Ready to sign up? Please complete our online application.

Thanks for your interest!

… a peaceful place for you and your horse

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