‘Dell’ was a winner, and not just because he won ribbons

He did everything we ever asked, 4-H Level IV horse, both English and Western, state fair, many Greeley and Rockie Mountain Saddle Club show seasons, trail rides, book signings, knee surgery … Occasionally, if he wanted to go the other way, he’d just drag you there, not in a violent way. Hated hoof dressing. His favorite treat: peppermints from Sonic Drive-In. If you needed therapy after a bad day, he was your horse. At 16.3 hands, “Calypso Can-Delite” was one of the tallest registered Morgans. He never colicked a day in his life until today, with a twisted intestine. Our beloved Dell was 23. As longtime PRS member Cindy said, “May you run free on perfect knees in greener pastures, my furry friend. We will surely miss you.”

Dell, Colorado State Fair 4-H Horse Show.
Winning Bet book signing at Jax.
Dell Molly Lake Trail, Colorado
Dell on a Molly Lake trail ride, 2011.
Dell, foggy morning, lower pasture, Poudre River Stables
Goodbye, friend …

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