Poudre River video unveils N. Shields history, photos

Check out this new Poudre River video for answers to:

  • How did the flooding Poudre River give birth to Fort Collins?
  • Who were the movers and shakers of early Fort Collins?
  • How did N. Shields St. farms, several of which still exist today, help the local economy?

Soon, Poudre River bike trail visitors can also call up the Poudre River Heritage Tour: Shields Street Area on their smart phones via QR codes on planned signage near the intersection of N. Shields St. and the Poudre River.

Many thanks to the Poudre Heritage Alliance for their video tours, which preserve our history and that of the Poudre River. The horses-grazing shot at the video’s end is from our historic property, Poudre River Stables.

Read Gruesome End for Father of Fort Collins; Historic Farm Revealed

“…a young horse brought Joseph and Luella’s carriage to a halt, refusing to cross the Dry Creek stream. Luella jumped out and urged the team across the stream. Still the young horse balked. Luella returned to the carriage, took over the reins, and Joseph jumped down. He pulled on the problem animal’s headstall. The team began to move. As the horses picked up speed, Joseph ran along …”
– Excerpt, Gruesome End for Father of Fort Collins; Historic Farm Revealed

You might also enjoy our Horses in History slide show.

Included in Poudre River video - horses graze in lower pasture of historic farm - Poudre River Stables - Fort Collins - Colorado

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