PRS Halloween horses, humans go for weird, wacky (video)

We at Poudre River Stables loved Halloween this year. No snow! Cayla Stone’s riding lesson clients and the rest of us at PRS had a great time. The horses were quite impressed with each other, too. It requires something just short of an engineering degree to keep a costume on a horse. That and baling twine.  Our Headless Horseman deserves special applause.

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Bonnie, shown below, is featured in the novel, Winning Bet, a clean read for ‘tweens and teens. If you can’t see the video above, click on this link:

halloween 2015 117 (800x600)
Bonnie says, “Happy Halloween”, or something like that.
headless horseman halloween 2015 (450x800)
Cayla Stone helps the Headless Horseman tack up.
halloween 2015 113 (800x600)
“Eeyore” takes a ride on Mac.
halloween 2015 112 (800x600)
“Prairie girl” rides Calypso the Mustang, who placed Top 10 in the 2015 Mustang Makeover.
halloween 2015 109 (800x600)
Cooper embraces his inner orange.
halloween 2015 108 (800x600)
Rocco a good sport, as always.
halloween 2015 107 (800x600)
Native princess. 🙂
halloween 2015 106 (800x600)
Magic includes the small fry.
halloween 2015 105 (800x600)
Tango the giraffe is horrified by Bonnie the witch.


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