Simply beautiful! Two horses in Colorado take time to play in the snow original footage (video)

These are are original YouTube videos of Luna the Mustang and her friend Nala playing in the snow here. A clip of the videos was picked up by a TV station in California. Note the South Dakota reference in the TV station clip. Accuracy in reporting, we guess. Ha, ha. The power of horses to touch people always amazes me. At last check, the clip had garnered more than 162,000 Facebook views. Videos by Erica Monjeau and Janna Kregoski. Thanks for the happiness, girls! (More horses-in-the-snow footage below.)

Our farm is the original homestead of the Father of Ft. Collins and home of the novel Winning Bet, a clean read for ‘tweens and teens. You might also enjoy the illustrated mini Christmas romance, Fortune Cookie, also photographed here.

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