Straight from the horse’s mouth at our fall 2015 vet visit

Help! I'm trapped in a vice!
Help! I’m trapped in a vice!

We had a great fall vet visit in November with Dr. Allen Landes, who provided vaccinations, dental care and whatever anybody needed. Luna, a newly-adopted black Mustang mare shown in the photos below along with some of the other attending equines, handled the adventure admirably, especially considering she was with wild horses last summer. Calypso, the bay Mustang shown to Top 10 results by Cayla Stone in last summer’s Extreme Mustang Makeover, also acted like this was just part of everyday life. Dr. Landes visits twice a year to help us fulfill the horse healthcare guidelines published by the American Association of Equine Practitioners. For those who may be unfamiliar with what they are seeing, the device above, a speculum, does not hurt the horse and helps the veterinarian examine and work on teeth with a clear view.

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