When to (Smart)blanket? There’s an app for that

SmartBlanket image from SmartPakEquine catalog

We get a lot of questions about whether/when to blanket horses, and I always give a complicated answer. You need to account for your horse’s age, coat, body score, general health, your peace of mind and your ability to predict the weather.

Cruising through a recent catalog, I discovered that good old SmartPaks solved the complexity problem with their SmartBlanket app. I’ve cut down on junking up my smartphone with certain polarizing social media, but SmartBlanket may be a keeper.

Made for iPhone and Androids, the SmartBlanket app asks for access to your location and combines local weather data with answers you provide about your horse. I punched in my two rescued Morgans, Stardust and Sandy. By the way, the girls now routinely work under saddle! (More on that another time.)

SmartBlanket and I agreed

SmartBlanket and I agreed. Today, which started off with light rain, was a good day for their rain sheets while on turnout. Returning to barn stalls tonight, Stardust and Sandy probably won’t need sheets. And since the weather tomorrow is supposed to be good, Stardust and Sandy probably won’t need anything when they go back outside.

Before installing and opening the SmartBlanket app, be ready to provide your horse’s data. You’ll need name, month and year of birth, whether your horse is at optimum weight, your horse’s coat thickness, and whether your horse has access to a barn.

The app has been around for a couple of years. Get details at SmartPak’s 2015 blog post: https://blog.smartpakequine.com/2015/01/meet-smartpaks-blanketing-app/

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