Who knew? We’re on the ‘Urban Paddle’ route

Once the sidewalk went in, I knew this would happen:

Horse: (Sees half-naked human with giant black-rubber donut for a head walking by, leaps sideways.) Oh, no! It’s an alien!

Rider: Whoa! It’s just a tuber.

Seriously, can you believe Shields-to-College on our north fence line is now an “urban paddler’s” route? The organizers of the Poudre River Downtown Project must be leaping for joy at words like this:

“Looking for a more calming river experience? Take the Poudre River from Shields Street to College Avenue. This is a popular run for tubers and SUPers looking to relax and take in some scenery. When you get off at College Ave, walk the half mile to Old Town to grab some food or do some shopping.”
SUP The Mag

Learn about horse boarding at historic Poudre River Stables.

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